Harvest to Home

Why Choose Sport Hill Farm’s Harvest to Home Program?

All produce in our CSA program is non-genetically modified and grown with love right here on our farm. Hand picked and prepared to our high standards, each item is fresh-picked within 24 hours of pickup time––either Thursday 11:30-6:45 pm or Friday 11:30 - 5:45 pm at Sport Hill Farm.

How Does the CSA Program Work?

Each week you may swap out one basket item for a pre-selected alternative product. You will receive weekly emails with a list of what will be in your basket along with recipes to help you plan and prepare meals that include your produce. Members receive a 10% discount off featured Patti’s Partner Products announced for preorder from time to time throughout our season. The program starts the first week in June and runs until mid-October (weather permitting). If field conditions require a smaller basket any given week, future baskets will be increased to deliver the same overall value by the end of the season!


The Harvest Bushel features our premium produce, meticulously and sustainably grown here in Easton and is suitable for a family of 4 to 6. Each week we will select from an array of seasonal products in our fields, at their peak, to feed your family.



The Harvest Peck option offers all the same benefits and premium produce as our Harvest Bushel program, but is designed to adequately feed singles and couples. Customers receive the same great array of products, except in smaller quantities.