Crop Cash Choice Program


How Does Crop Cash Work? 

Choose and prepay from the following three budget levels. By prepaying prior to March 15th, you get extra farm credit and grow your purchasing power!  Are you a veggie lover? Consider prepaying for multiple amounts!

Prepay   $90 – Receive $100 Farm Credit
Prepay $250 – Receive $275 Farm Credit
Prepay $500 – Receive $550 Farm Credit



Recipients are sent regular emails on what is fresh in our market. You are in control of what you buy and when you want it! Farm Credits can be spent from when we open in June until the market closes for the season, approximately mid-December (weather permitting). You may purchase more than one level of Crop Cash to receive a higher amount for the season at a discount. You can purchase any products we carry at the market!

Please note: Setting up or replenishing your account any time after March 15th will be for the amount tendered and will not be eligible to receive additional farm credit. You are welcome to replenish your account during the season so that you can continue to experience shopping without your wallet, additional Farm Credit will not be offered.